Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fotos De Varios Tipos De Penis

reflect together about the abuse. Possibly we prepare to talk about abuse, including physical violence and obvious situations, whether the have lived or been told to us.

turns out that the abuse has degrees and safely in the laws of each of our countries is more or less likely to obtain justice in the case there are complaints. As we intend to be successful managers, our thoughts should be directed not only to bulk or general to then say with satisfaction that these things do not happen to us or do not occur in organizations where we work.

remember the comment of a friend still relatively new in his work remained unpaid salary because it allegedly had not complied with the relevant procedures previously taken. Because your financial situation was poor (he had been without work for a long time before getting the job), the failure to collect that Friday will be put in an extremely difficult until the following Monday. By resorting to the appropriate officials, although it was not "abused", received responses that suggested: a) Learn the next b) Is your problem c) If you do not like there's the door.

abuse have different expressions and faces. Indifference, disregard, scorn, disinformation, "the right floor." Many human resource departments are basically "liquidators of wages." Many managers of HR, although professionals on his own, end up being one more gear to tighten nuts and enforce the rules so that no one even comes to mind to do some questioning.

Because we live in different countries may seem like a generalization. However, although freedom of association is guaranteed in the majority of us agree that there are few countries where we could actually find in practice some sort of support for everyday issues relating to abuse.

For this reason, managers, supervisors or department heads have a much bigger commitment in terms of ensuring the respectful treatment, cordial and considerate in our units. Is striking that there are a number of cases where these events occur in middle and lower levels without necessarily be those, ways to treat, by the owners of the company or its directors.

We must pay close attention to the abuse that somehow requires adherence to all kinds of jokes or hyperbole. Abuse often occur "friendly" or that inferred for the oldest or connoisseurs initiation rituals (ironically speaking of course), as a way to introduce the club and / or lead to indoctrinate on how to avoid problems and remain relatively well in the company.

We must not deceive in this matter. Above mentioned lack of communication and / or explanations on certain procedures. These ambushes that place the employee at ridiculously embarrassing or compromising situations, simply by not having the proper information about it. It is very difficult to achieve an appropriate organizational climate for example if people are pressured to adhere to these practices under threat of not last long, be replaced or sent to another division more difficult.

Unfortunately in many organizations (and entire governments for decades), employees opt for obsequiousness as the best way maltartos avoid suffering. Particularly if there are companies that have been or are still under dictatorial regimes, we find high profile cases. Generates sadness and helplessness often see whole groups obsequious attitudes. Those smiles fearful, those heads down or such quasi-military positions of consciously or unconsciously be firm to the upper turn.

We have a very clear position on the matter. Our employees must receive signals from our values \u200b\u200band therefore lead the way we deal with these situations. We can be us who we are critically conditioned to lose their jobs if we made the final consequences involving abuse. But it will be in those moments where you just have to apply read, studied, beliefs or convictions, because as they say will be moments of truth. Depending on the decision we make at the time and the actions we perform, we will define our future in this organization and to ourselves.


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